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Berlin Birth Doulas

We are Keatyn and Jes, your Doula team to support you throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth.


Our Story

It is no surprise that we would team up as doula partners, as we've been close colleagues and Berlin besties for quite awhile now. Since the first time we met in a little Kreuzberg cafe back in 2017, we both knew this wasn’t just your average networking meeting, this was also the start of a dear friendship. Over the years, our mutual love of doggies, sunny days, trashy reality TV, and long chats about life, combined with our shared passion for birth work, built a solid foundation for our friendship and now business collaboration. 


We have worked closely throughout our solo doula careers as colleagues, backing each other up for birth clients, collaborating to support postpartum families, and holding space for each other to process the emotional ups and downs of birth work. With over 13 years of doula work combined, we come to this work with a great amount of experience, understanding, and respect for the birthing body.


Teaming up, officially, as doula partners has been on our minds for the last couple years but the timing and logistics just never lined up quite right before. Now that the stars have aligned, we are combining our love, passion, empathy and joy to support expecting families in Berlin together!

Learn more about how a doula partnership works

Birth Support Package

€2250 + 19%VAT

  • One complimentary consultation - Getting to know your doulas at first can be really helpful to see if we are a great fit for one another. 

  • Four prenatal visits (2 hours each) -  During these visits we take time to get to know each other and learn how we can best support you. We'll work together to build your preferences for birth and address questions about interventions, hospital/home birth/birth center protocol, and the physiology of labor and birth as we go. We demonstrate and practice comfort measures and positions for labor with you (and your partner), and discuss how we'll work as a team both at home and at your birth place. We also go in depth about feeding, newborn care, sleep, and many other postpartum topics. Two of the meetings are in your home, and two are online.

  • Email, text, phone support - From the time we sign our agreement to our postpartum visits, we are available to answer questions and give support via email, text or phone calls.

  • Continuous labor support - From 38 - 42 weeks, we are on call for your labor. Either Keatyn or Jes will join you when you need and offer:

    • Emotional support and reassurance

    • Help creating a calm and safe environment for labor

    • Suggestions to facilitate labor progress with positions, breathing, movement, and hydrotherapy

    • Hands on support through massage, counter pressure, and hot/cold therapy

    • Care for you and your support partner(s)

  • Two post birth visit - We will visit you at your home in the first weeks after your birth to follow up with you, see how you're settling in with your new baby, and offer suggestions or resources for newborn care, feeding and self care

All of Berlin and parts of Brandenburg

+ All packages and individual sessions include access to our digital planning and information workbooks as well as online and in person resources here in Berlin. 

++ Sliding scale options for Black, POC, Queer, Trans, Fat, Single, and Disabled folks upon request.

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What’s the difference between a solo doula and a doula partnership? 

Solo doulas work alone with their clients (and perhaps lean on their doula community for back-ups if needed). Doula partners work together to support their clients, sharing the load and being a wider net of support for each family.

Do you work with a back-up doula? 

Yes, we do. Most of the on-call period both of us are in town and around as the back-up for whichever of us is the primary on-call doula. In the event of multiple births happening at the same time, travels, illness or emergency, we have an added layer of support in the form of a back-up, which you have the option to meet.

How do your skills complement each other?

We have similar experiences and philosophies, but also unique perspectives, which can be helpful at different points along your journey.

Both of us have taken different trainings and continuing education during our years as solo doulas, which have been helpful in supporting the families we work with. Keatyn is an expert in sleep support and Jes has worked closely with many people who come from marginalized backgrounds.

What are the cons to hiring a doula team? 

Hmmm, can’t really think of any! 

Why hire a doula team? 

Simply put, you get two doulas for the price of one! 

Having a team means that your doula is well rested and fresh. Being on-call 24/7 for weeks or months at a time can be exhausting, but since we share the load, we have more energy to give back to our clients. 

Working with us as doula partners also ensures  you have more continuity of care. When hiring a solo doula there is a much higher chance you will be supported by a back-up that you haven’t had much time getting to know. Now with a team, you spend equal amounts of time with both of us during the 5 prenatals, and the likelihood you will have one of us at your birth (and not our additional back-up) is much more likely.

Why did you choose to work with each other? 

As solo doulas we were already each other’s preferred back-ups, so we decided to make it official! 


We also often found ourselves interviewing with the same potential clients, and them having to pick between us. Now you no longer need to make that tough decision and you can work with us both. 


We’ve collaborated together a lot over the years and built a working relationship on trust, empathy, and a lot of laughs, so it just felt right to take the next step.

Do you offer any discounts?

We never want cost to be a hindrance from having the support you deserve, so please don’t be shy to open up a dialog with us about payment options.  We also have sliding scale options for Black, POC, Queer, Trans, Fat, Single, and Disabled folks. Just let us know if this applies to you when you inquire.


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