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In Their Words


"I am so grateful I found Jes. I couldn't have wished for a better doula and birth-helper to help me through my first pregnancy and birth. She is not only really experienced and knowledgeable in the topic but also such a warm, caring and emphatic person to be around. She spreads a calm and positive energy and helped me gain self-confidence for a good birth. She was always there when we needed, to guide us through the journey, with information and exercises, and in general was such a big support to our whole family. Jes also took some really nice pictures for us, in a natural and respectful manner, during birth and after our baby was born. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to have support through their birth experience."


"In addition to being an experienced and capable doula, Jes is such a warm and encouraging person, and we felt at ease with her from the first meeting. Her gentle guidance helped my second labor and delivery to be a much more peaceful and empowering experience than my first. She also took some amazing photos for us! We would recommend her without hesitation and are so grateful to have had her support."


"Jes helped me throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period of our baby boy. I am a first time mum and I found her to be an exceptionally supportive, knowledgeable person in her field. I always felt much respect from her and was able to talk to her about my hopes and fears. She always listened to me and asked the right questions and answered a million of mine and never made me feel silly for asking them.  She sent me links to information, apps and videos that were very helpful, and we were even able to do Skype calls. She checked in with me very regularly and above all made it much known that she was always there for me for whatever may arise throughout my pregnancy and into postpartum and made it very easy to reach out to her. Having someone you trust to listen to you, to be there for you and have your best interests at heart during this extremely personal time is priceless. For anyone considering working with Jes, I sincerely urge you to hire her.
Thank you Jes,  for being there for me, my family, and our baby. We are so grateful for all your help and you will forever be in our hearts"


"For my second birth I was set on having my baby in the comfort of my own home. I had a great midwife but wanted a doula as I wanted to have someone there for me. Jes is kind, interested, loving and was dedicated to giving me the most of my birth. She was there for me through the entire process; prenatal, the birth and postnatal. She gave my partner and I personalized birth preparation class. She talked with me in depth on my fears and how I could take ownership of situations if they arose. 

The birth was very fast and so I can’t really recall who was where or doing what during my labour, but the first memories after the birth was lying in bed snuggled with my newborn and my husband, my midwife busying herself with my uterus and a smiling Jes feeding me a delicious smoothie. I felt like a queen in my nest, safe and loved. Jes gave my birth a feeling of protection and care that a partner, midwife or doctor can’t. She was there for me and gave me the support, resources and love that I will be forever grateful for."


"I can highly recommend Jes! She gave us all the support, information, strength, guidance and kindness we needed on our epic journey into parenthood. We will forever be thankful she was able to support us."



"For us it has been a pleasure and a great help getting to know Jes! Maybe you could think that it was only a little help but considering we are first time parents without any extra help, neither relatives around to help and guide have you as a postpartum companion has been not only a good experience, it’s been also a very supportive time especially for me. This time with you gave me the chance to have a little “me time” and in this new chaotic scenario it meant a lot for me! After sleepless nights and a lot of pressure these hours were a relief and needed recovery time to continue going on with that huge project of being a new mom. Thanks to you for taking such good care of me and my family, for your hugs, nice words, advice, conversation, for your helpful hands, the delicious meals (I won’t ever forget that gorgeous Carrot Cake), and for being always so supportive and sweet."

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